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Common questions & misunderstandings about therapy:


  • What will people think if I'm in therapy?    It's hard to know what people may think and we often don't know.  What's important questions to ask is, do I want what I already have in exchange for what people may think or do I want a happier life, and the kind of life I want?


  • Only messed up or crazy people see counselors or therapists.  Wanting to understand your life and the people around you is a part of existing and feeling alive.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to work through the various blocks or limitations we encounter through our circumstances.  


  • Someone who doesn't know me can't understand or help me. This is to your benefit because it means I have no preconceived idea of who you are. This is my opportunity to help you redefine all of these areas in your life you want different.


  • What I say in sessions might get back to my family or spouse.                                                         I am bound by a code of ethics and confidentiality laws to keep what is shared in sessions confidential unless this violates Virginia law under abuse or neglect to children, the elderly and threat to do harm to yourself or to someone else.


  • I don't need someone telling me how screwed up I am or how to be a husband, wife, or parent to my spouse or family.   ( I get this one a lot)     I answer this by stating that all relationships are about workability in that a person can only do what they already know and very little improves until the unknown is discovered. Placing blame on you will not help achieve improvement.  I take client's where they are at in life and help them go where they want to be in life.


  • I don't need someone judging me  Many of the challenges that you may be facing are the same one's that I or many of my colleagues  have had to work through in their lives.  My job is offer you support, encouragement, and insight to help you live a fuller life.


  • There are people who need counseling more than I do. This may be true but everyone's situation is different and the important questions to ask yourself is, "is what you are doing working or not?"


  • The counselor is going to make me talk about things in life I don't want to talk about.  You discuss whatever it is that you want to work on, I don't make client's do anything that is uncomfortable. You choose what you are willing to discuss.


  • What if I feel uncomfortable  It’s completely normal to feel awkward or self conscious about therapy for fear of being judged but I assure you that I will make every effort to create a warm and accepting environment.


  • What if I don't know what to say  As we get acquainted and the relationship naturally develops, we can discuss whatever is on your mind.



So, what do I get out of this?


I believe in doing what it is that you love in life and the rest will follow. I love helping people work through challenging areas in life as this is a passion of mine in life .  If your reading this I want to help with what your dealing with.



The problems we experience in life is working through all of the noise, distractions, emotions, limitations, and beliefs that we are not always able to figure out. All of these areas often interfere with our ability to just "live life", find happiness in family, friendships, relationships, our careers, and our involvement with the people around us.


You'll find that many of the beliefs, emotions, and experiences you encounter, other people also encounter day to day basis. You choice to seek help not only benefits you but EVERYTHING around you as well.  As we improve and resolve areas in our life we increase our ability to touch the lives around us.


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