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Anxiety, Social Phobia & OCD

Do you struggle with the following:


Fear of leaving your home, fear of social settings or groups of people?


Fear that bad things will happen to or others?


Do you have ritual or routines that you do multiple times through the day that you believe prevent things from happening?


Do you believe that bad things happen to you, or that you are cursed in life?


Do you have intrusive thoughts that play in your head over and over again?



Are any of these above described impacting your personal, professional or family life to the point that it prevents you from accomplishing goals.



If you answered yes to any of these areas.....I can help!


"I struggled with doing excessive routines daily to the point it was keeping me from enjoying life, friendships or social activities and working with Richard really helped me to learn to manage these areas."



"I could hardly leave my house none the less go to therapy.  In a matter of two months I found a full time job, started leaving the house more and was able to travel into town with a lot less anxiety.  I am grateful to have worked with Richard in therapy, he really made a difference in my life" 





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