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Anger and Depression



Tired of feeling angry and not understanding why?

Tired of feeling depressed, and not being able to come up with answers to some of life's difficult questions?

Feeling frustrated about how life is turning out?

Tired of things not working?

Feel like you have no control or say in how life turns out?

Are you having problems at work, or do you dislike your boss?


.......I can help!


"I was angry about the way life had turned out, and angry at my father for what he had done.   It had ruled my life for many years but I'm grateful to have worked with you on resolving many of these frustrations in my life."


"I was always depressed about what I had done to myself because of the physical and sexual abuse that I experienced throughout my life.  I suffered because of this but I see me and things differently now. I am living for the first time in 40 years."



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